The purpose of Ladies Luncheon is dedicated to gathering women together for networking, business, social, fun, and moral support. This gives us a venue where we can take a break, have a good meal, be ourselves and continue to be inspired by each other in our daily lives and everything we do. 

Experience new products, business opportunities, grow your business and build powerful long lasting relationships.

Ladies Luncheon Council
Laurie Meyer created a team to be included in the planning of Ladies Luncheon each month. Laurie and her team are bringing more value to Ladies Luncheon by establishing ways to make it even better. We will change the team members every quarter. If you have a suggestion you can contact any of these ladies. Meet our council members!

Thank you Bonnie Mercandante of Softouch Video & Photography!
Our next Ladies Luncheon will be
Thursday • April 4 • 11:00am - 1:00pm • $27
Poinsettia Pavillion
3451 Foothill Road • Ventura, CA 93003
New to Ladies Luncheon?
Our monthly lunch meetings will inspire and encourage your entrepreneurship. You will be able to share what you do, connect with other business owners and just enjoy a great time out of the office. 

We begin at 11:00am
and end promptly at 1pm.

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Eat, Meet and Greet at the Ladies Luncheon
A Ventura Business Women's Network
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Our April Sponsor will be Lynn Chaplin-Noe
Lynn Chaplin-Noe is a SASSY SENIOR and the creator and founder of renaissanceNOW Fall in love with your life and find your purpose. With the expertise of many years in ministry, coaching others and being mentored by some of the best Coaches around, Lynn helps Seniors navigate through a potentially ageist culture to dive deep and come up with clarity, Self reinvention and a plan for a life full of purpose and joy.

Lynn was born into the theater and first stepped foot on stage at the age of four. She has performed on Broadway in Cabaret, Coco, Helzapoppin, Sugar and
Canterbury Tales, been a featured actor in hundreds of television commercials, acted in film, on t.v. and has produced hundreds of corporate and private events in
her 35 year old company Capers Productions.

But her first discipline was dance. It was at the age of four, when Lynn had a misdiagnosed illness that was many years later discovered to have been polio, that Lynn discovered the power of positive application of Universal Principles. And her early dance classes helped to heal her. When the Doctors told her she would never dance again because of the damage from polio, Lynn said, “thank you for sharing”, went to New York City on a Greyhound bus from Indianapolis and almost immediately began dancing professionally.

Since then, she has had many Hero’s Journeys, many careers and a life of joy, loss and liberation. Her most recent journey led her to ministry and it is in ministry for the last 17 years where Lynn began to discover her gift for coaching and being a change agent for the transformation of others.

Her process is simple, and natural allowing her client’s highest and best to be revealed. Every journey is unique, every protocol has its own special use of many disciplines, healthy practices, processes, and profound discovery.