Eat, Meet and Greet 
at the Ladies Luncheon

A Ventura Business Woman's Network
The purpose of Ladies Luncheon is dedicated to gathering women together for networking, business, social, fun, and moral support. 

This gives us a venue where we can take a break, have a good meal, be ourselves and continue to be inspired by each other in our daily lives and everything we do. 

Experience new products, business opportunities, grow your business and build powerful long lasting relationships.

Ladies Luncheon Council
Laurie Ehrhardt created a team to be included in the planning of Ladies Luncheon each month. Laurie and her team are bringing more value to Ladies Luncheon by establishing ways to make it even better.

We will change the team members every quarter. If you have a suggestion you can contact any of these ladies. 
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Ladies Luncheon • 35 W. Main St., Suite B157 • Ventura CA 93001 •

Our September Sponsor will be Dena Rogers -- State Farm Insurance
Our next event will be Thursday, September 3, 2015
This event is by invitation only 
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Dena offers expert advice for a wide range of insurance services including but not limited to Auto, Life, Home and Business insurance. She is State Farm Bank certified for home and auto loans as well as CD's and other deposit products.

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