Held at the Poinsettia Pavillion • 3451 Foothill Rd, Ventura CA 93003 • Laurie@TheLadiesLuncheon.com

Council Members

Laurie Meyer created a team to be included in the planning of Ladies Luncheon each month. We will change the team members every quarter. If you have a suggestion you can contact any of these ladies.
Laurie Meyer
(805) 223-0154
Elaine O'Malia
Laine Designs
(805) 701-2538
Lynn Chaplin-Noe
(805) 366-0342

Cessy Figueroa
FC Consultants
(805) 983-7030

Why I love Ladies Luncheon
I find fascinating to meet a group of women that wants the same thing at the end of this gathering…

Connection, curiosity, pleasure to see others succeed, and exposure for my business.
I am blessed to be part of Ladies lunch
Come to find out your WHY!
Jessica Maxwell
Maxwell Movers Inc
(805) 775-6905
Jamie Lynn
Elan Vital Coaching Services and more
(805) 701-6695

Why I love Ladies Luncheon
I attend Ladies Luncheon to stay connected with the community and to learn and co-create with the like minded business women of Ventura County.